I love instagram! At first I felt it was just a picture app that was meant to entertain anyone but I found out later that it can help me market myself or my brand and it can also help me connect with so many people all over the world. My jaw dropped when I found out Instagram was one of the most popular social networks with at least 1.6 billion likes and 60 million images daily. Over 200 million people use it monthly worldwide and according to the Forrester study of 2014 it was used 58 more times than Facebook was used.You don’t need to ask me what next! I created my account immediately. After three months, I was confused. If instagram could promote a brand, network you with the right people, and it could be a huge source of income for people, why wasn’t it working for me?I later met a friend who is presently my business partner. Freddie told me what I was doing wrong: I wasn’t seeing the big picture.

The big picture? I asked

“Yes. You must first become popular on Instagram” Freddie told me

I now know that when you are popular on instagram, anything is possible. This is why I am taking my time to explain the steps to become popular.

Why You Need A Large Number Of Followers

If you have a large number of followers you will become popular and every other thing you need on instagram is based on this.When you are popular, you will make money: there are many brands or websites that will be willing to pay you to talk about them because you will have a wider reach. There are people who want to talk to as many people as possible and you offer them that opportunity for a price.With popularity, you will be able to gain more likes, comments and shares for your pictures or videos which will in turn increase your influence on instagram.When you have a lot of followers, you can publish the number of followers you have and it will bring you more followers.

Tips to become popular

You need to build an attractive profile. This means you need to choose a name that people can easily remember. You can choose a name that shows you have an exciting personality.You must have a particular kind of content you want to use on instagram; it can be fashion, make-up, food, health or anything you are passionate about. Your content can also influence the kind of name you will choose. There are websites that can help you choose an exciting username: you can check out and click on instagram name.

Fill The Spaces That Asks For

Name or nickname

What are you like


Things you like

Important words


Click spin

More Tips

Don’t try to over post. Try posting pictures once within every 4 to 6 hours so your followers will be waiting for you by then and they won’t be bored out of too much post or too little posts. They will always come back to you.If your content will be on photography make sure you take your pictures properly and write out a good caption for it. Take many pictures and choose the best. Try to notice the kind of pictures that gets more reactions and select those kind of pictures to post so it will generate more comments and followers.Make sure your content is unique and creative enough to get more likes and comments so that more people can see your posts.

Remember that the more the posts, the more popular you get.Use hashtags; this way your followers and other people can follow your posts easily. Tag people on your posts. Most times they react to the posts and it increases your popularity to other people.The best time to post on Instagram is between 5 and 6 pm on Wednesdays. The middle of the week is a peak day but this shouldn’t prevent you from posting at anytime you want. Posting your content at this time will generate more likes and comments and make you popular.When people are sitting in traffic or not doing anything, they pick up their phones and browse through it with a good chance of going to instagram. Seize this opportunity. People also go through their phones early in the morning so you can post something at this time.

Becoming popular means anyone can see your profile online. Your profile should be set to public permanently.Keep your followers coming back to you: to do this you must have a well defined theme and focus for your post and your page. Comment on other people’s posts too. It will draw more attention and more followers to you.Connect all your social media accounts together. You can link your Instagram account with your Facebook account or your twitter account so that once post on Instagram, it will automatically show on your profile on Facebook or Twitter and when more people react to it on your Instagram accounts. It will draw more people to you.

You cannot have lots of people following you if you aren’t following them; follow as many people as possible first. These people will see your posts even if you can’t see their own posts and when they are impressed with what you post they will follow you back.Find people within your niche who are popular and follow them too. If your posts are impressive, you may have the ‘big fish’ following you and this will bring more followers to you.Always respond to the comments of your followers. You can respond to their comments with words, likes or an emoticon.Have a day for giveaways and create games that will appeal to your customers so they will keep coming back.Everything I’ve written above are things I had to learn myself before I got my 100,000 + followers. Even though these steps are simple, it takes times before it will all work out the way you want so patience is very important.

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